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Our firm & our aspirations

Our mission is to provide world-class service and insight to our members and to create a welcoming home for exceptionally talented people.


Uncompromising Quality

We define ourselves by the quality of thought and insight behind the work we produce. Showmanship will not replace substance; as to the quality of our content, we are uncompromising.

A Culture of Service

Both amongst ourselves and in our partnerships, we seek to build a culture of service – a dispositional bent towards kindness, generosity, and service in everything we do.

“Talent is in our DNA. It is who we serve, what we study, and the quality we most pride ourselves on in our team.”

– Angie Bergner, VP of People & Business Ops

Meet the Team

About Veris Insights

Serving recruiting leaders in their hardest work

Veris Insights is a recruiting intelligence and analytics firm dedicated to helping University Recruiting and Talent Acquisition leaders attract, engage, and recruit top talent.

We combine extensive candidate and employer data with rigorous analytics to create research studies, briefs, tools, dashboards, platforms, and services to advise 200+ Fortune 1000 companies on their hardest recruiting issues – diversity and inclusion, recruiting events, candidate preferences, competitor practices…etc.

We are a values-driven company, and member value is paramount. But, equally as important as serving our members is building a remarkable company ourselves. We seek to practice what we study and dedicate ourselves to creating a welcoming home for exceptionally talented people.


Quite a Modest Start

Veris Insights is founded as “Ivy Research Council” (IRC) in November 2012 by sophomores at Princeton University to do research on any topic for any company.


University Recruiting Focus

IRC establishes the University Recruiting Council membership to study the UR landscape and serve recruiting leaders in their hardest work.


A National Footprint

The membership grows significantly among Fortune 500 companies, and IRC runs its first Annual Members Meeting in Washington, DC, welcoming 40 attendees.


The COVID Mobilization

In response to COVID, IRC leverages its research engine to guide University Recruiting leaders through the many disruptions caused by the pandemic.


Product Expansion

IRC launches two new products: the Experienced Recruiting Council membership to serve heads of Talent Acquisition and the UR360 platform to give University Recruiting leaders feedback on their programs.


Evolution to Veris Insights

IRC becomes Veris Insights to reflect who we have become: an insights and analytics firm dedicated to supporting all recruiting leaders in their hardest work.

What’s happening at Veris Insights?

Take a look inside life at Veris Insights. We spotlight a team member each month, share details on some of our traditions, and celebrate new members of the Veris Insights team.

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