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How can we help?

Would you be excited about…

→ helping your recruiters evolve into talent advisors?

→ developing action plans for optimizing your recruitment funnel?

→ building a roadmap for success against your goals and metrics?

→ being able to benchmark your programs against competitors?

What does our support look like in practice?

Talent Acquisition and University Recruiting leaders share their largest challenges and priorities with us in real time, allowing us to produce best-in-class research and provide hands-on consulting support — essentially acting as extensions of Talent Acquisition and University Recruiting teams.

Your priorities

⭐️ Optimize the recruitment funnel

⭐️ Secure budget and headcount for TA

⭐️ Empower recruiters to serve as talent advisors

⭐️ Keep up with University Recruiting timelines

⭐️ Get ROI from vendor selections

⭐️ Keep hires warm to avoid reneges

Our inputs

✅ Guides, Playbooks, & Reports: Tactical resources to help you jumpstart new initiatives.

✅ Trainings & Strategy Workshops: In-person or virtual sessions to train and activate.

✅ Employer Benchmarking

✅ Interactive Tools

✅ Dedicated Strategy Lead

Your outcomes

🚀 More efficient recruitment funnel

🚀 More budget and headcount

🚀 More sophisticated recruiters

🚀 More competitive UR program

🚀 Better ROI on vendor investments

🚀 Fewer reneges

…and so much more!

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