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Benefits of Working at Veris Insights

Personalized Career Growth Paths

At Veris Insights, we believe that advancement is a function only of performance and company needs. Different-in-kind growth is earned at the door. Different-in-kind advancement is earned within. We also believe that every team member has a right to regular and consistent conversations about their career advancement paths. At Veris Insights, you will have quarterly snapshot reviews to focus on your personalized career path, and you will have access to a professional development tracker that is specific to your team. 


Unlimited Paid Time Off

We believe that everyone should have ownership over their time. We’re a research firm, and we understand the numerous studies that show that unlimited PTO policies often lead to people taking less time off.

At Veris Insights, we take our unlimited PTO policy very seriously, and we encourage all team members to take ownership of their time through:

Mandatory monthly mental health days off

Taking at least two weeks off each calendar year

➜ A Slack channel that encourages all team members to share how they utilize our unlimited PTO policy (especially our leadership)

Providing education around the importance of self-care

At Veris Insights, we think a sick day is just as important as a sad day or an “I need to recharge” day.


Flexible Leave Policies

From parental leave to sick leave, we understand that it’s our job to treat everyone inside our “walls” as people, not line items. Life happens, sometimes planned, sometimes unexpectedly. We’ve built our leave policies around the fact that needs change from person to person and situation to situation. We offer 12-weeks of paid parental leave, flexible short-term sick leave, and a long-term disability plan that all employees are enrolled in from day one.


Mental Health & Employee Wellness Resources

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), 21% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2020 (52.9 million people). This represents 1 in 5 adults. At Veris Insights, we believe in talking about mental health in the workplace. Through education and resources, we believe that we empower people to feel more comfortable reaching out for help when they need it the most. Some of our mental health resources include:

Annual subscription to Calm for all team members that want it

A mandatory mental health day off each month to recharge

Education on mental health topics through our DEI @ Veris Insights series

Access to mental health resources through our insurance provider

Access to an annual Employee Wellness Stipend


Medical, Vision, & Dental Benefits

Taking care of our physical health and our mental health are priorities at Veris Insights. We provide medical, dental, and vision plans for all team members. We cover 85% of the monthly premiums for our baseline health plan, which includes mental health resources, and 75% of the monthly premiums for our dental plan.


Flexible Work Options

We believe our people should have ownership and autonomy over their work. We are not an hours company; we focus on outputs first. At Veris Insights, we don’t micromanage, we don’t clock in and out at certain times, and we don’t question where and when you do your work. Each team has the power to create schedules and processes that work for them. We take into account the fact that we are all at our best at different times of the day and we try to optimize for those. We are distributed across the U.S., have a physical home office in Washington, DC, and have zero policy around being in-office.


Learning & Development Opportunities

At Veris Insights, we are big fans of the growth mindset, which basically means that we believe intelligence can be developed and that we are continuously growing and evolving through intentional practices. Having a growth mindset leads to higher achievement because we are all striving to improve ourselves. Some of our L&D initiatives include:

An internal 14-week Manager Training Program that all Veris Insights people managers must complete

A two-week rotational program that all new team members participate in to get an inside view into each of our divisions

A six-month mentorship program that pairs all of our associates with a peer mentor within the organization

An L&D Divisional Partner program that provides divisional leads access to resources and support on their specific L&D initiatives

A monthly Lunch & Learn series that focuses on industry and technical knowledge

Access to an annual Employee Wellness Stipend that can be utilized for career development

Access to Coursera for ongoing on-demand learning