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Experienced Recruiting
The most actionable, real-time analytics and services for recruiting leaders

Your candidates and competitors are changing. Constantly. The Experienced Recruiting Council membership is designed to serve recruiting leaders in their hardest work – through real-time, granular analytics and a comprehensive suite of support services.

  • Segmented Candidate Insight
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Strategies
  • Dedicated Tailoring & Advisory
  • Connection to Other Members

Respond quickly to changes in candidate preferences.

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Impact Highlights


Member Organizations

Veris Insights supports Talent Acquisition leaders from more than 50 employers through its Experienced Recruiting Council membership.


Candidates Surveyed

In 2021, Veris Insights collected survey responses from more than 10,000 experienced professionals to provide employers with the insights they need to succeed.


Custom Inquiries Answered

Since early 2021, Experienced Recruiting Council members have received custom answers from Veris Insights to more than 250 custom questions.

Design effective diversity recruiting strategies.

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