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October 07, 2022

Does one size fit all? The importance of granularity and transparency in offer packages

Everyone knows that money talks and, therefore, that pay consistently ranks as the top factor students consider when evaluating employers for internships or full-time offers. There has also been a lot of buzz about the fact that kombucha on tap and unlimited snacks may no longer seal the deal for incoming interns. But, what are students really looking for beyond a dollar amount when it comes to offer packages?

In a survey of nearly 2,000 undergraduates, we sought to unpack this precise question. Three key themes emerged: not all benefits are equal, student expectations vary by demographics, and transparency matters.

Read the full article from Human Resources Director, which features a byline from Veris Insights Senior Research Project Manager, Katie Wullert, PhD about what students are looking for in offer packages. 

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