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September 21, 2022

Amid back-to-school season, don’t abandon your working parent population

As working parents juggle their own work schedules, back-to-school duties and other child care challenges, their employers have left them feeling cold.

Since the start of the pandemic, millions of working parents have left the workforce, and they have yet to fully rebound from COVID’s impact. While schools and child care centers have reopened, parents are still struggling with high levels of burnout, along with dissatisfaction around the support they’re receiving from their employers.

“Parents are really in need of help — during the pandemic, they had a lot of tough challenges, but those are still persistent,” says Andrew Monroe, director of experienced talent research at Veris Insights, a recruiting analytics platform. “Parents have never really had a chance to dig out from the deficit that they experienced during the pandemic.”

Read the full interview from Employee Benefits News and more of what our Director of Experienced Recruiting Research, Andrew Monroe, had to say about working parents by clicking the link below:

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