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The Renege Reality: Understanding and Counteracting a Costly Trend

Thursday, July 27, 2023

We know how costly reneges are for University Recruiting teams. You work tirelessly to advocate for students, guide them through the recruiting process, and celebrate accepted offers.

When students renege, your team has to scramble. Hiring managers are disappointed. Your efforts feel like a waste. You’re back to the drawing board – and often at the last minute.

Because reneges are so costly, we’ve gone deep on studying them. Watch the recording of this webinar and you’ll walk away understanding:

→ How prevalent reneges are and how willing students are to renege

→ What drives students to renege – and what convinces them not to

→ How your organization should think about the reality of reneges

→ How you can reduce the risk of students reneging on your offers

To receive SHRM credits for attending the session, use the code 23-RHGEG.