HBCU Recruiting: How to Stand Out | June 12th at 1PM EST

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HBCU Recruiting: How to Stand Out and Maximize Your Impact

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

75% of University Recruiting teams specifically target Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) for recruiting, and 94% say HBCUs are important to their current DEI strategy. However, UR leaders report difficulty maximizing the impact of their HBCU recruiting efforts.

One key challenge for UR teams is standing out on campus amidst intense competition.

Students see right through inauthentic engagement, which could be why some programs don’t see a return on their efforts. At our webinar on June 12th at 1PM EST, we’ll explore the three pillars of successful HBCU engagement that can help UR leaders enhance their HBCU strategy.

Plus, we’ll share case studies of strong employer-HBCU partnerships and hear from a panel of top UR leaders from Cummins, Dell, and Vanguard as they answer the most pressing HBCU recruiting questions!