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March 21, 2024

Standing Out in a Crowded Job Market

93% of students express at least slight concern about today’s economy and while these concerns are valid, there’s also great news: opportunities are on the rise! Since 2023, the job market has seen a surge of over 2.7 million new opportunities. University recruiting has also remained strong, as 51% of companies predict steady early career hires, with an additional 28% expecting growth. That means that while it’s important to stay informed on economic trends, it shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your career goals.

With more job openings comes an increase in applications, partly fueled by economic concerns. 51% of the organizations we’ve surveyed have seen an uptick compared to last year. In response, companies are implementing a multitude of strategies to manage the increased application volume.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore these strategies and provide tips on how you can stand out in a growing competitive landscape.


(1) Initial Assessments

Companies are leveraging assessments like pre-recording video interviews to streamline applicant screening. This presents a golden opportunity for you to shine! Here are some tips for pre-recorded video interview success!:

Thoroughly read and follow the provided instructions. The ability to follow interview directions shows your attention to detail, and it will not go unnoticed as potential employers assess your overall skills.
Record yourself in a well-lit, quiet environment. Pay attention to your tone, volume, inflection, and body language, and ensure that your personality is coming through.
Dress in business casual attire- neat and professional, while relaxed and comfortable.
Take advantage of re-recording opportunities until you feel confident.
Look directly into the camera rather than at your own image on the screen to create a sense of connection with the interviewer.
Keep your answers clear and to the point, avoiding rambling.
Let your passion for the role and company shine through by showcasing specifics on that company and that role. You want to show potential employers that you are not simply delivering a scripted response for all employers but that you took the time to make it specific to them.


(2) Pre-Screened Application Questions

Over 70% of companies with increased volumes are utilizing pre-screened application questions. Use these to understand the basic qualifications of the role and save time in roles you’re not qualified for.

Research the company beforehand to align your answers, highlighting your qualifications, experiences, and skillsets relevant to the role’s needs and showcasing mission and value alignment.


(3) Shortened Application Windows

Follow the companies you’re interested in on LinkedIn, and sign up for job alerts from their career pages. Apply to a General Application if they have it on their website. This way, you will receive email alerts as roles open. Make sure to check your email daily! And, once you come across an opportunity that interests you:

Make sure it aligns with your skills and your interests. Prioritize quality over quantity! This will increase your chance for success and reduce the likelihood of being overlooked or disqualified in the process.
Work on submitting your application as soon as possible, but avoid rushing to complete it. This is your best chance to sell yourself through tailored resumes, thoughtful cover letters, and/or application responses.


(4) Event-Specific Application Portals

Stay up-to-date with career events, prepare thoughtful questions, research participating companies, and follow up with personalized messages. This positions your candidacy for prioritized review within their event-specific portal.



While our economy shows positive signs of growth, the application process is increasingly competitive. By reading this blog and understanding the strategies companies use to manage high volumes, you’re already ahead of the game. Furthermore, by implementing these strategies, you are sure to be two or even three steps closer to securing your dream role.

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