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September 21, 2022

Prevent Reneges: Engage New Hires Prior to Onboarding

Many companies run into the challenge of reneges – candidates accepting job offers but later declining them prior to their start dates. Reneges have many implications, including employers losing money and time spent on recruitment processes. To mitigate the risk of candidates reneging, it is important to keep them engaged from the very moment they accept their offer until their start date. 

Before we jump into how to mitigate reneges, though, it’s vital to understand why candidates renege in the first place. Reneging isn’t uncommon; 2 in 5 candidates report having reneged on at least one offer at some point in their careers. Reneges are particularly prevalent for Human Resources and Engineering roles. 

Our research uncovered a wide range of factors contributing to decisions to renege, with better compensation and job stability being the most important. Vague communication, slow responses, and a lack of transparency from employers are also likely to increase the risk of reneges. Fortunately for employers, there are straightforward solutions that will increase candidate engagement and mitigate the risk of reneging.

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Design Effective Outreach

The balance between valuable information and fostering connection is key to building an effective outreach strategy for new hires. We found that the most effective outreach focused on upcoming company initiatives or came in the form of a personalized note from a member of an Employee Resource Group (ERG).

Our research also revealed that new hires would like to learn about their new roles and the onboarding they’ll soon experience. So, when crafting outreach for new hires, consider  personalized notes that relay information about the onboarding process, upcoming company initiatives, and the new hire’s role, including the impact it will have on the company. Candidates indicated the most desired outreach would come from an HR representative, the head of the department/function, or their direct manager. 


Host Connection-Building Social Events

Creating opportunities for social connections, especially in an increasingly remote environment, is crucial. Consider creating an online group chat or organizing an in-person event – the latter being more preferable. Additionally, 2 in 3 candidates report that one-on-one sessions with managers are the most impactful way to feel connected to their new employers compared to things like company-wide events and conversations with HR. Encourage managers to organize one-on-one meetings with new hires to help them feel more connected to and engaged with the company. 


By applying these practices, your organization will improve engagement of new hires prior to their first day, while simultaneously mitigating the risk of reneges.

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