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May 19, 2023

How to Optimize the Recruitment Funnel

One of the top two current priorities consistently talked about by the recruiting leaders in our memberships is “Optimizing the Recruitment Funnel.”

Though the spike in current attention is notable, the threshold focus on the topic is not; recruiting leaders often act like expert watch-makers, tinkering and tweaking aspects of their process from a perch to ensure it runs optimally.

More interesting than the fact of the focus, however, is how leaders are going about optimizing their recruitment funnels. In particular, two categories of tactics prove most common.

1. Proactive, Focused Audits

When a problem – or opportunity for improvement – is clear, leaders run focused, proactive interventions. These interventions are typically narrow in scope – focusing, for example, on updating the post-offer follow-up process, or the DEI careers site.

2. Reactive Idea Generation

Many leaders also rely on a steady stream of inbound information to spark adjacent ideas. By tracking, for example, the small, detailed tactics of their competitors, recruiting leaders are able to consistently question parts of their processes with a tangible, credible alternative in mind.

Some leaders focus more on one input – reactive or proactive – over the other. But, the recruiting leaders who most maintain forward progress often deploy the two in tandem – evolving their processes with intentionality while simultaneously staying open to inbound inspiration.

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