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February 02, 2023

New Year, Back to Normal? Not so fast.

After years of flux, companies are beginning to settle back into what feels more normal. While we may not find ourselves using the word “unprecedented” quite as often, Talent Acquisition is not suddenly simple.

With nearly two open positions for every one hire and an ever-expanding scope of complex expectations placed on Talent Acquisition and University Recruiting leaders, they are stretched incredibly thin. To be successful, their teams must break down silos, so recruiters are empowered to be and are leveraged as true strategic talent advisors, instead of just requisition fillers.

The dynamic shift from tactical to strategic allows recruiting efforts to be aligned through every step of the process, from the Head of TA to the hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates. A team of strategic talent advisors can consistently adapt and innovate as candidates and recruiting evolve, as opposed to relying on a post and pray model.

But, make no mistake – this dynamic shift is less about major transformation and more about perfecting the fundamentals to create a solid, sustainable foundation.  It’s more important than ever, as demand for top talent increases and supply decreases with no sign of slowing down.

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