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January 11, 2024

Navigating Talent Acquisition in 2024

To attract, engage, win, and retain top talent in 2024, it’s imperative that Talent Acquisition teams can anchor to solid, sustainable internal processes and resources. These are just some of the strategies Talent Acquisition leaders are prioritizing that offer long-term impact.

(1) Evolving Recruiters

We’re hearing from most Talent Acquisition teams that they’re focused on transitioning their recruiters into talent advisors in 2024. For recruiters to serve as highly consultative and advise, there will be a focus on upskilling in areas such as consulting skills, strategic use of data, DEI best practices, effective sourcing, and business strategy.

(2) Investing in Technology 

Adapting to new technologies is a cornerstone of 2024. Many Talent Acquisition leaders plan to audit and optimize their tech stack, including the replacing of current systems and introduction of new software. The focus should be on building smart tech stacks that balance new technologies and minimize redundancies, as well as ensuring their team is trained adequately on how to best utilize these resources.

(3) Fostering Internal Mobility

More than half of Talent Acquisition professionals expect their focus on internal mobility to increase this year. To retain talent, strengthen professional development, and improve employee engagement, Talent Acquisition teams must streamline the internal application process and integrate internal mobility with key strategic priorities.

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