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December 11, 2023

Holiday Gift Guide: Mastering Skills-Based Hiring

Happy Holidays, dear readers! In this season of growth and reflection, we’re excited to present you with tools to enhance your job search toolkit. As more employers are moving from traditional degree-centric hiring to a more strategic focus on skills known as skill-based hiring, it’s an ideal time to showcase your unique skills!

Crafting an effective representation of your professional profile involves a strategic blend of your educational background and specific skills aligned with your dream role.

This holiday break offers an opportunity to supercharge your job search strategy to spotlight your skills effectively. Let’s review the six key steps that will guide you in showcasing your skills and maximizing impact on your professional profile:


(1) Strategic Skill Alignment

Take the time to review job descriptions for desired roles, and identify the key skills employers are looking for. Once identified, tailor your resume and LinkedIn to prominently showcase these skills through skill sections. Keep in mind, skills go beyond technical expertise. Soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, are highly valued skills.


(2) Holistic Skill Presentation

Move beyond just listing skills they are looking for that you have; demonstrate how you’ve applied those skills in real-world scenarios. Within your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, project repositories, and any other portfolios, provide specific examples of projects or achievements that highlight your skills in action.


(3) Quantifiable Impact

Where possible, quantify the impact of your skills within the scenarios above. Use hard data to showcase the measurable results of your work, providing tangible evidence of your abilities.


(4) Keywords and Context

Include specific keywords that capture your skills and achievements in your resume and LinkedIn. Ensure that your skills are presented in the context of your achievements, making your profile more discoverable in search results.


(5) Professional Development

Skills-based hiring often values candidates who are committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Showcase your dedication by mentioning relevant certifications, courses, or assessments you’ve completed to enhance your skills. This proactive approach not only validates your existing skills but also demonstrates your readiness to adapt to evolving industry demands. Stay ahead in your field by investing in your professional development journey.


(6) Storytelling in Interviews

Be prepared to share the stories behind your skills during interviews. Practice highlighting project-based experiences, showcasing how your unique skill set positions you as an ideal candidate for the role. For more insight into what those questions might look like and how to frame your responses, check out our Tips and Tricks to Ace Behavioral Interviews!


Wishing you a successful journey in showcasing your unique skills and advancing your career through the transformative approach of skills-based hiring. Happy holidays from our Veris Insights Talent Acquisition team, and may the new year bring you exciting opportunities for professional growth!

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