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March 30, 2022

Gen Z Mental Health: Best Practices for Minimizing Stress in Recruiting

The job search can be a significant stressor in students’ lives, especially those who fall into Gen Z. After school obligations, the job search process is the aspect of students’ lives most likely to be rated as ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressful

Our research finds that nearly 3 in 4 students have reduced their engagement with the job search due to stress or mental health matters in the last six months. That’s over half of students missing out on opportunities because they’re too stressed to look for jobs, fill out applications, and attend university recruitment events. Clearly, Gen Z mental health is important to keep in mind to minimize stress in recruiting.

Consistent communication is far and away the most impactful action that employers can take to reduce students’ stress levels. However, there are a number of other ways to improve students’ job search experience, too. 

Maintain Consistent Communication

Not hearing back after applying and not hearing back after interviewing are the two factors related to the job search that cause the most stress and anxiety for Gen Z students.

72% of students state that frequent communication throughout the application process, more than any other factor, can reduce their stress. 

Be very clear with the different stages of the hiring process instead of ghosting the applicant and leaving them to wonder if they had even seen their app.” – Economics and Environmental Studies double major, ‘24

Provide Application Resources

Gen Z students also find that having resources available to stay informed during the job search helps to improve their overall mental health. 

Consider offering mentorship programs, automated application status updates, and other resources to help students feel confident throughout the application process.

“There was a company which sent this whole document on how to prepare and what to do in case anything happens … I felt this company treated us more respectfully by helping us along the way.” – Computer Science major, ‘22

Offer Mental Health Benefits

When considering an internship or full-time position, Gen Z students find wellness stipends and mental health days to be the most appealing mental health benefits. 

A majority of students also rate other wellness benefits like therapy, mental health coverage, and access to exercise and yoga classes as highly appealing. 

Although these benefits may not seem to be crucial at first glance, they can greatly improve the mental health and stress levels of students, yielding a healthier and more productive work environment. 

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