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March 14, 2024

Game-Changing AI Strategies from Heads of TA

I’ve spent much of the last year in deep conversation with Heads of TA about how they are (or aren’t) changing their programs in response to Generative AI. 

We recently wrote up six of the most interesting GenAI strategies being implemented by the country’s top TA leaders. Here are a few highlights.

GenAI Laboratories to Pilot Use Cases Pre-Legal Review

Especially in heavily regulated industries, TA leaders are faced with balancing the adoption of cutting-edge AI while navigating internal hesitations and legal compliance concerns. To tackle this issue, they are establishing external labs dedicated to AI experimentation. A controlled environment enables TA teams to pinpoint prime use cases prior to undergoing legal review, such as using AI to draft LinkedIn posts.

Implementing a Universal Recruiting AI Overlay

To optimize and unify recruiting workflows, TA leaders are investigating the use of Microsoft Copilot. Some are gearing up to launch Copilot as the central interface on top of all recruiting systems, intending to eventually act as an end-to-end solution. In this vision, Copilot could serve as a proactive guide in recruiters’ key workflows. This includes notifying them of new requisitions, highlighting well-aligned internal candidates, and more.

Leveraging ‘Matching’ Algorithms to Detect Duplicate Candidate Submissions and Mitigate Fraud

Duplicate candidate submissions pose substantial risks to recruiting integrity. To counter this, TA teams are developing custom ‘matching’ algorithms in their ATS to detect duplicate resumes. This implementation effectively uncovers both unintentional duplicates and fraudulent duplicate submissions, offering significant value for TA teams with large-scale recruiting processes.

We’re on a constant mission to surface and codify the most innovative uses of GenAI in recruiting processes. Please reach out if you have tried something new – or, if you’re interested in hearing more on what others have been trying.

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