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September 14, 2021

Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline

We recently hosted an Experienced Recruiting Strategy Summit called “Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline” to support leaders in designing, optimizing, and executing on an end-to-end inclusive recruiting process. Attendees joined us for two sessions, a Research Keynote and a Practitioner Panel. Here, we’re sharing the Research Keynote.

Session One – Research Keynote:

Data-Driven Strategies to Attract & Retain Diverse Talent

Veris Insights (formerly known as IRC) candidate research and tactical solutions to promote inclusivity across the recruitment process in five key ways:

1. Understanding the challenges facing diverse talent
2. Crafting inclusive job ads and requisitions
3. Sourcing diverse talent
4. Designing inclusive assessments and interviews
5. Fostering equity in offer and sell

Session Two – Practitioner Panel:

Best Practices for an Inclusive Pipeline

Case studies, takeaways, tactics, and insights from three nationally-recognized talent and brand leaders:

– EJ Dickerson: US Diversity Talent Acquisition Leader, PwC
– Mary Lipscomb: Program Manager of Diversity, Aetna, a CVS Health Company
– Maurice Taylor: Director, Talent Sourcing, Recruitment Marketing and Diversity Recruiting, Eli Lilly and Company

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