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May 15, 2023

AI in Recruitment: How candidates are responding to ChatGPT in the recruiting process

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached an unprecedented level of accessibility in recent years, with chatbot software like ChatGPT offering answers to questions and the ability to complete tasks like writing code, emails, and essays. The use of AI in recruitment has grown in popularity as well, with fans and critics among job seekers and Talent Acquisition teams alike. 

We recently surveyed candidates to gain an understanding of their sentiments toward the use of ChatGPT in recruiting. Here are some of our findings:


Candidate Use in Job Seeking

Nearly 2 in 5 candidates have used AI technology in a recruiting process. The most common uses were in editing an existing resume or getting sample responses to behavioral interviews. Other ways candidates used ChatGPT while job seeking included to get sample responses for a case study, prepare for interviews, or create a resume from scratch, among others.

See how candidates are using ChatGPT & where they learn how to use it; view the full video here.

Source: @teal_hq, TikTok


Candidate Comfort with Employer Use of AI in Recruiting

Candidates are most comfortable with employers using ChatGPT for scheduling tasks. Nearly half of candidates said they were very comfortable with employers using ChatGPT to schedule interviews. Candidates are less comfortable with the AI making evaluative decisions, with 1 in 5 reporting they were not at all comfortable with the AI being leveraged to evaluate resumes, cover letters, or pre-recorded video interviews

How can employers increase candidate comfort? The top two ways are for employers to explain how ChatGPT improves the recruiting process for candidates and to offer transparency about how it is used in the process.


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