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June 30, 2023

5 Questions about DE&I to Ask an Employer

“We will save time at the end of the interview for you to ask me any outstanding questions you might have!” – It’s a sentence candidates like yourselves love to hear, as it puts YOU in the interviewer’s seat.

We understand that figuring out the right DE&I questions to ask can be challenging, especially when you’re going through multiple interview rounds. As a TA team, we’ve been in your shoes as candidates, and understand the difficulty of asking these questions to interviewers.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to ask meaningful and impactful questions. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a selection of questions that will help you evaluate whether the organization aligns with your values and ensure that your DEI needs are met. We’re dedicated to empowering you to make the best decision for you.

So let’s dive into a few of the top questions! 

(1) What unique diversity initiatives does your organization practice? 

You want to find out what DE&I will look like within the organization! What are some examples of DE&I practices they have implemented?

With this question, you should hear examples of employee resource groups (like the ones we mentioned in our newsletter here at Veris Insights), training and development sessions, affinity groups, and other mentoring programs.


(2) How do you handle complaints about DE&I within the organization?

What you should listen for are signs of an effective and responsive process that takes these complaints seriously. Ideally, they should demonstrate a commitment to addressing and resolving issues in a fair and timely manner, while also promoting accountability, transparency, and ongoing improvement. 


(3) How can employees make their voices heard? 

What you should listen for are the opportunities the organization provides for employees to give feedback on DE&I matters. For example, here at Veris Insights, we conduct an employee pulse survey twice per year. Additionally, we provide opportunities for anonymous question submissions, which are answered by our CEO during our monthly town hall meetings.


(4) What measures do you take to make sure everyone feels included in the workplace?

Listen for programs and initiatives that foster a sense of belonging and cater to the diverse needs of employees and how the organization describes its measures for creating an inclusive workplace and culture.


(5) Does the organization conduct diversity training for all employees?

Listen for any indications of a commitment to providing resources and learning opportunities on DE&I, like mandatory training programs that facilitate conversations and promote learning among all employees. Here at Veris Insights, we offer a range of courses that all employees are required to complete that help facilitate conversation and learning!


It’s important to ask at least one of these questions to help you understand the organization’s commitment to DE&I. Employers should be transparent and provide specific examples and information to address each question you bring to the table. By learning about this information from your interviews, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether the company is the right fit for you.


Bonus tip: If you find information on a specific affinity group or employee resource group on the organization’s website, consider asking to be connected with a member. This will allow you to ask more specific questions! And gain firsthand insights into the group’s activities and impact. Here at Veris Insights, if a candidate is interested in connecting with a group member, we will always facilitate one-on-one connections between candidates with any affinity group or employee resource group we have! 

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