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A Note From Our Founders

Dear Veris Insights Members:

I wanted to write a short letter to share with you should you have any questions about the recent layoff at Veris Insights. 

On September 21st, we made the difficult decision to part ways with 12 extremely talented and driven team members. Like many other organizations, we grew quickly in 2020 and 2021. It became clear, over time, that the growth in a few specific areas of the firm had outpaced what we immediately needed to serve members. A targeted reduction was the last resort. But, in the end, a necessary one. 

Our whole purpose is serving you all in your work. In that light, there were two messages I wanted to share. The first is that your service and service quality will not be impacted by this reduction. No Veris Insights Strategy Leads were included, and ground-up the reset was designed with continuity and expansion of your service in mind. 

Second, I also want you to know how seriously I (and our whole executive team) took this. Our work is talent. It is what we study and what we advise on. That means that building a great company where people feel valued and motivated is as large a goal for us as creating great products. But it also means we know extremely well the impact that losing one’s job can have professionally and emotionally. As talent professionals steeped in the same body of work, you know as well as we do the weight this decision can carry. 

Talent decisions are easy to study from afar. They are much harder to grapple with up close. The stakes of the decisions you all make are real. The work you do matters. Now perhaps even more than before, we’re committed to serving you in that work. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. I’m always available by phone or email.


Carter Bradley

Co-Founder & CEO


PS: We have compiled an opt-in resume book of impacted team members. Each is extremely talented and driven. We painstakingly selected and recruited them using many of the tactics from our research. And, they are all steeped in the talent acquisition world. If you would like to take a look at the resume book, please let us know.