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Gaining an Edge with Skills-Based Hiring

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Heads of Talent Acquisition tell us they’re fighting an uphill battle in today’s war for talent. High-turnover positions, in-demand technical skills, and ambitious diversity goals pose a threat to meeting business objectives. That’s why we’ve gone deep on studying skills-based hiring. Skills-based hiring not only addresses these challenges, but it also drives profitability, better hires, and lower churn.

To successfully implement skills-based hiring, though, you need buy-in from executives, hiring managers, and recruiters. As the leader of a Talent Acquisition function, you need the knowledge to craft a strategic vision tailored to the needs of your organization and the expertise to guide your partners along the way.

We recently hosted a webinar on exactly that. Check out the recording here.

You’ll walk away with:

→ A comprehensive understanding of what skills-based hiring is

→ Insider insights into the three mistakes organizations make and powerful alternatives

→ Tips on how to win business buy-in for skills-based hiring

→ Guidance on immediate changes you can implement in your hiring practices, as well as long-term strategy you can roll out gradually