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How Capital One Leverages Veris Insights’ UR360 Surveys

Thursday, April 27, 2023

We know how much time University Recruiting teams put into becoming more data-driven and gaining stakeholder buy-in for a data-driven mentality. We also know just how taxing that journey can be. You’re tasked with:

  • → Securing access to impactful data
  • → Educating members of your UR team on data analysis
  • → Encouraging your UR team to use data day-to-day
  • → Developing stakeholder comfort with data


Capital One has managed to do all of this (and more!). With the support of Veris Insights and the results of their UR360 surveys, they empower their UR team to use data and have facilitated a leadership-level shift to incorporate more data into decision-making.

Capital One’s Mallory Rodgers and Veris Insights’ Abby Henderson speak to how they did this and where it has landed them.