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December 21, 2023

Recruiting in 2023 was challenging – in many ways unprecedented.

Talent and recruiting took center stage this year – and not always for good reason.

Headlines signaled a recession and mass layoffs, which left candidates panicked and companies scrambling to signal stability. Generative AI introduced the possibility of serious change to the fundamental ways recruiting operates. The fluctuation of requisitions – up dramatically then down precipitously – has left recruiting leaders re-negotiating the rooms they are in, their roles in the company. If that weren’t enough, the SCOTUS decision on Affirmative Action left many teams – especially those focused on recruiting early talent – wondering the best way to approach DEI moving forward. And, throughout it all, companies faced internal challenges related to renegesreturn-to-office trendsinternal mobility, retention, upskilling recruiters to be talent advisors, and more.

Our job is to serve recruiting leaders in all their hardest work. To that end, 2023 saw the mobilization of substantial resources. We deployed quarterly employer benchmarking, candidate pulses, strategic studies, macro tools, advisory services, and more to study and serve on the issues critical to our recruiting leaders: economic uncertainty, labor market competition, internal mobility, retention, GenAI in recruiting, and more.

The outputs from that work were substantial:

• 26,000+ Students and Candidates Surveyed 

• 850+ Employers Studied 

• 600+ Custom Inquiries Answered 

• 100+ Service Deliveries to Members 

We’re looking forward to 2024. But, before jumping forward, we thought it worth reflecting once again on just how privileged we feel to serve Talent Acquisition leaders in their hardest work.

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